Hey, nice to see you are interested in knowing some of the so called “W’s” about me and my website!!

This really shows me that you ain’t just here to gain something out of this website!

You are also interested (and probably as curious as myself) in knowing the thoughts, story, and reasons behind things!

I am truly thankful for you spending a bit of your personal time to read through this page!

I’ve been taught that time is the biggest gift you could ever donate to someone because,

while it is hazardously never stopping,

it is unpriceable and unique!


Who are you??

I get it, the first ever question rambling in your head when entering a website you never heard of is…

“Who is writing this stuff and who is the owner of this site??”

That at least is what is in my thoughts in such occasions! Reality is that there is no quick answer to it.

I might be able to write a book about who I am if I put some time and effort in it.

The quickest answer I could give is “I’m a so called no one!”

That is true, at least for how this big world we live in works like…

Unless you are an exponentially powerfull / rich / famous / world-changing person, for a reason or another, that is how the world labels you.

I’m ok with that, because such a dumb thing as a “label” the world gives you, to me counts very little if not nothing.

What matters in this section is that I give you the most honest and down to earth answer I could ever give, in order to get you to know me a little before you actually spend more of your personal time on my website.

I’m a 26-years-old Italo-Norwegian mate, born in Norway and grown up in Italy.

For almost all my life I haven’t known what to specialize in as a working person.

Not knowing what kind of career to pursuit has actually been a mind-bending and stressful personal riddle.

I can tell you this though, I haven’t been sitting arround trying to get to my answer. It would be like trying to describe a dish you’ve never tried eating. Impossible!

After getting an electricians highschool diploma I’ve been spending a couple of years jumping back and forth between Italy and Norway, working jobs I could get without any university degree.

Untill I decided to leave for Australia by myself for a wild two-years period.

What a blast that has been!

And how many things I’ve learned about myself and the world during that time.

The most important thing I learned with that experience is that you won’t reach any personal answers if you do not try your way within things. But especially understood how stupid it was to pose myself multiple questions without searching any answers because of fear or laziness.

A bit like a skydive!!

(the above picture was taken on my first skydive over the Great Ocean Road)

Only after you’ve jumped you’ll know how futile it was to fear the jump itself, a fear that would’ve held you back from living such unique experience!

To the day I live in Sweden with my girlfriend!

It’s been over a year since I got here now and during this time I have realized that no matter what job or what new knowledge I am gaining, there has always been two stable constants,


So in the end, to sum up in one sentence who I really am I’d say that

“I’m an enthusiastic traveling artist!”

It is just that simple, no big firm or team is behind this website,

building up a business in order to take a slice of the internet cake.

Just a human being, as yourself!

Why have you built this webpage?

The second most common and most important W that follows the “who” is usually the “why??”

After trying many type of jobs (hospitality, construction, sales…), the main skill and passion which has been a constant and in which I would like to pursuit a specialization/career is the creative world of ART!

And if it isn’t going to become a full-time job/career it doesn’t really bother me.

The important part for me is that in some way I pursuit my passion and create something with it.

After nearly a year studying website development and all that comes with it (along  my day-time job), I’ve figured out that I wanted to CREATE something personal and unique that could be at the reach of anyone in the world.

A website where I can showcase who I am  and expose my personal creations.

What will I find on this website??

The posts and files shared here will be, as I briefly mentioned on the WHY section, regarding my creations.

Besides from having galleries of my creations exposed on this website I have also implemented a section of digital files available for purchase and download,

so that if you really like what you find and see, you can have it for reasonable pricing and at the distance of a couple of CLICKs!

I choose digital files because it really keeps it simple.

No waiting, no lost or damaged packages, but most importantly, at the fraction of what a “single unique piece” would cost, you will also be able to use the same file over and over again, as you wish.

Some artists may disapprove with this method and I can understand that, but let’s be honest…

I’m no “Picasso”, drawing excellent art on any particular canvas, the day I reach a certain level of drawing skills and decide to draw on proper canvas materials, I’ll start selling and shipping the original art pieces on their original canvas.

In the case you like the art style you see me using in my pieces, another possibility would also be me creating some drawings on request, for you that would rather like possessing something uniquely drawn for you.

So  do not hesitate in taking contact with me!

Whatever the matter is, might it be something regarding the digital copies or simply a drawing you want me to make for you!

We’ll find a solution to it. Together!

If you wish to have further information regarding the downloadable products and the services I provide check out the SERVICES PAGE!

Otherwise you can head straight away to the DIGITAL DOWNLOADS STORE!


Thank you again for reading this page, I am truly looking forward to hearing from you!