Welcome to the services page!

Here I want to describe for you what services I provide through this website and how all their aspects work.

Digital Downloads

Digital downloads are essentially drawings I have worked on on my spare time, for my interest and passion, and that I have thereafter chosen to be available for you to download. The most common usage for it would be of ornamental purposes for your house or for example you or your children like coloring finished black and white drawing prints such as some of the mandalas I have listed (for some people that is actually a relieving activity).

Keep in mind that the use of a digital download is restricted to the sole personal use and whatever copyright and unlawful use of it is not tolerated. A good example of a not tolerated use would be mass printing and reselling my personal art. (Read more about it on section 12 of the Terms and conditions page).

That said, I do not prohibit you to copy your digital downloads on multiple personal devices as other artists and websites might do. This means that once you have purchased and downloaded a drawing you are free to have it on as many hard drives or pc’s you want, as long as it is solely intended for your personal use.

Every digital product you find on the Digital Downloads Store can be viewed by clicking on its thumbnail. This will open a bigger preview of the drawing and will have tabs at the bottom of it with description regarding the materials that were used to draw it and its original size. The latter can be very important for you to know in the case you are intending to print your digital copy. I would recommend not to enlarge the size of the drawings past the described size because it might alter the drawings quality.

Usually, when I want one of my drawings on a portrait, I print them with the same size as the original, on an A4 matte paper canvas and with the hp deskjet printers’ settings configured for best results (high resolution, matte photo paper, etc.).

  • As downloads you will receive two files for each drawing you purchase, one which is in the original scanning size of the drawing (the size described on the information under the preview of the singular drawing) and one that is the framed version of the drawing, which is how the drawing is showen on the website (the preview that you see when you are on a page of the single drawing).


Purchasing and downloading the digital drawings

Purchasing and downloading the digital drawings is a very easy and safe process.


  • You can add to the cart all the drawings you wish to purchase from the Digital Downloads page and then checkout through the cart icon on the right of the main menu or by clicking on the addtocart button of the last drawing you added which will mutate into a checkout button.


  • You can either checkout by being registered and logged in or simply as a visitor. In both cases, it is important that you have submitted the right email address and name before going onwards with the payment. The billing address would be a desirable field (but not mandatory), especially for European based customers and certain American states. By law I am obligated to keep track of the VAT (taxes) that I have to pay based on my earnings. And being that the percentage might vary from country to country, having an address would make the whole process easier. This will not affect in any way the price you are purchasing a digital download for!


  • The only difference between the registered and visitor processes is that by being registered, besides from receiving the download links on your email receipt, you will have access to your available downloads and purchase history here on the website. Visitors checkout on the other hand will simply receive the email receipt with the digital download links.


  • The only payment process available is paypal. This sometimes is confusing for certain people because they assume they necessarily need a paypal account to be able to pay, or even that they won’t be able to pay by credit/debit card on it. Paypal acts as the payment processor and is known to be among the safest ones in the world.


  • Once you have submitted your details on the fields and click on the checkout button you will be redirected to the paypal transaction processing page. Here you will simply have to decide how to do the paying process. You can sign in if you have an account with paypal and either pay via debit/credit card or with the credit you might have on your account or simply do the transaction as a guest and pay with debit/credit card.


  • When the payment is completed you will receive an email receipt with the download links within it. I recommend to always check the spam folder of your email if you haven’t received any email receipt within an hour from your completed purchase transaction. Please note also that you will have up to 48 hours to download your files, starting from the moment you received the email receipt. Past that limit the download links will expire. This is for copy and republishing safety reasons.


Commission drawings

As I briefly mentioned on the about T.B.Art page, I also offer the possibility to have a custom-drawn piece made for you, in the eventuality that you like the styles I work with but would rather want something original and personal made on your request.

  • Owning a unique and personally drawn piece of art can be way more satisfying than knowing that hundreds of other people have the same drawing hanging on their houses’ wall!


  • The drawing itself will have an extra touch to it being that I’ll put my biggest effort to deliver the most satisfying and request-meeting product I could create for you.


  • Pricing will vary from piece to piece depending on time spent drawing the piece and if there is an eventual deadline to be met.


  • All commission-based drawings will be treated as private and will not be published for digital downloads on this website. Furthermore, I would also give the customer the possibility to request either the custom-made original canvas to be physically sent via carrier or to have the digital copy sent personally to their email in JPEG or PNG format.


If you wish to have a commission based drawing, please take contact with me using one of the email addresses you find on the contacts page and lets talk what ideas and request you might have for it and what price you would have in mind for it.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!